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Roof damage insurance claim help from Southeastern Roofing

At Southeastern Roofing, we deal with a lot of damaged roofs. Roofs that are damaged from a hailstorm, a high wind event, a severe thunderstorm, and sometimes, damage from a critter infestation. In most cases, our customers file a damage claim with their homeowner’s insurance carrier, as they should. As a trusted advisor, we help our customers navigate the unsteady waters of the claims process, as many things can work against the homeowner if the claim isn’t documented and presented properly when filed. 

If you are experiencing a roof emergency, the first thing you should do is get assistance to ensure further damage doesn’t occur to your property. Follow our  roof emergency tips for solid advice on what to do.

The Roof Damage Insurance Claim Process

The roof damage insurance claim process involves several people. First, the homeowner should read their insurance policy, then call local roof repair contractors like Southeastern Roofing to inspect the damage. An insurance adjuster who is a representative for the insurance company will come to the home and assess the damage. The homeowner will receive a homeowner summary of damages, and if the claim is approved, they will receive a first check. After the repairs are made, the homeowner will receive a second check to cover any remaining costs. The homeowner should also dispute an insurance denial if they disagree with the decision.

Are insurance companies fair when it comes to roofing damage claims?

Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out claims, so it is important to understand your policy and the claims process. It is also important to document the damage and understand your rights. However, not all insurance companies are fair when it comes to roofing damage claims.

If you feel that you have been unfairly denied a claim, you may want to consider consulting an experienced insurance litigation lawyer to help you understand the reason your claim was denied and to build a case for you to receive the compensation you and your family deserve.

We prefer to get involved well before you escalate to that level. 

Why Would My Roof Damage Claim Be Denied by the Insurance Company?

Roof damage claims can be denied for a variety of reasons, such as lack of appropriate maintenance, issues that existed before you bought your property, wear and tear over time, or damage from lack of temporary repairs after a loss. In addition, your claim may be denied if you previously received compensation for a different insurance claim on the same part of your house. If your roof damage claim is denied and you disagree with the decision, it is best to contact your insurance provider and schedule a re-inspection. You may also consider hiring an attorney to help you build a case for you to receive the compensation you and your family deserve.

How Can a Roofer Help with Insurance Claims?

Southeastern Roofing can help with your insurance claim in several ways. 

  • We can inspect the damage and provide an estimate for the repairs or replacement. 
  • We can also work with the insurance company to ensure that the repair or replacement is covered. 
  • We can provide photos and videos of the damage to help support the claim. 
  • We can also help you to understand the insurance claim process and any steps that need to be taken. 
  • Lastly, a roofer can help to negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Regarding roof damage: are there any steps I should take prior to filing an insurance claim

There are several steps you should take prior to filing an insurance claim for roof damage.

  • Document the damage with photos and videos.
  • Contact your insurance agent to discuss the damage and the claims process.
  • Call Southeastern Roofing to inspect the damage and provide an estimate for repairs.
  • Take steps to protect the interior of the home from further damage, such as running a dehumidifier, setting up buckets to catch water, and relocating furniture and other items to minimize the chance of additional damage occurring.

What Expertise is Required to Perform a Residential Roof Inspection

A residential roof inspection requires expertise in roofing materials, structural support, stability of roofing material, leak detection, wear and tear, windblown debris, organic growth issues, and repair issues. A roof inspector also needs a mixture of experience, education, and licensing in the building inspection profession. Our roofing consultants are required to pass a rigorous training program based on the GAF Master Elite Certification program.

What is the Cost of a Residential Roof Inspection?

The average cost for a residential roof inspection is between $120 and $300, although prices can vary depending on the size of the roof and the complexity of the inspection. Southeastern Roofing, however, provides residential roof inspections completely free of charge.

Does Every Roof Inspection Result in an Insurance Claim Getting Filed?

Not every roof inspection results in an insurance claim being filed. Roof inspections are important to determine the extent of the damage and to understand whether it is covered by insurance. If the damage is due to the age of the roof, natural wear and tear, or the roof failing because of a faulty installation or low quality materials, filing an insurance claim may not be warranted. Depending on the inspection results, a homeowner may decide to file a claim or pay for the repairs out of pocket.

Professional Roof Inspections Are a Must

Southeastern Roofing expert roof inspection

After a thorough on-site exam, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of the work that needs to be done to resolve any leaks or other issues, as well as the cost to complete the repairs. If the damage is beyond a certain percentage of the roof, it may be more cost-effective to replace the roof. Our experienced, trustworthy professionals will give you a complete picture so you may make the right decision for your family and your finances.

It’s crucial to hire a roofing contractor that has the experience and knowledge to fix your roof. Our contractors have been in business for more than 10 years, and we can quickly diagnose issues and provide the solutions you need.

If you’re concerned about face-to-face contact, or feeling pressured by a pushy salesman, we offer a no-contact, no-cost inspection of your roof. That’s right: our expert estimator will visit your house, inspect the roof, then he will provide an estimate electronically. We’ll be able to tell you why (and where) your roof is damaged, what your options are to repair it, and whether we suggest you replace it or not. Of course, we prefer to meet with you in person, and demonstrate where the issues are and what needs to be repair, but we leave that up to our customers.

What to Do If You have a Roofing Emergency?

If you have a need for an emergency roof repair, call our roofing hotline at (833) 737-3266 or use our convenient website chat feature. While we generally sleep at night like other mere mortals, we do have a 24-hour emergency monitor keeping an eye on things.

Southeastern Roofing is a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor

Southeastern Roofing is a GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor

The Master Elite® Certification is GAF’s factory certification program that provides ongoing training to roofing contractors and assurance to you, the homeowner, that the roof will be completed well and professionally. This is a highly prestigious award because only 2% of all roofing contractors in the country have qualified as Master Elite®. 

What does this mean for you as a homeowner?

Choosing a GAF Master Elite® contractor is your assurance that you will be dealing with a quality, dependable and professional contractor. In order for a roofing contractor to qualify for the certification, they must meet the following standards:

  • A+ BBB rating
  • Licensed in the state where they operate
  • Be current with distributor partners in receivables
  • In business for at least 3 years
  • Consistently show ethical contracting in their service area
  • Be adequately insured
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional training


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