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Storm Damage Won’t Raise your Rates!

Another common misconception when it comes to a property owner’s insurance claims is that it is similar to automotive insurance. This is in fact, not the case!

With auto insurance, most people expect that when they get into an accident that their rates will rise substantially. This does tend to happen. The number crunchers that underwrite your auto policy are in the back office constantly calculating how likely you are to get into an accident. You may not even be a bad driver, but in their eyes you are “accident prone”.

Property claims are a bit different! There is really nothing you can do about bad weather. These are what insurance companies consider “acts of God” therefore you cannot be penalized for filing a claim. In reality, they base your rates off your geographic area and use historical weather patterns to determine how likely you will be to experience inclement weather.

So fear no more! If the fear of your rates rising is preventing you from filing a claim on your property damage – just know that this is why you have insurance and you are using it correctly. Our trained professionals will be there to assist you and make sure you are making a properly informed decision.

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